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Cyberteam Security Services

Cyberteam Security Services

Who Are We?

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Who are Cyberteam Security Services?

Cyberteam Security Services Limited is a specialist IT security company, formed by David Dawkins, to consult to some of the best high-profile companies such as Shell, BP, IBM, Siemens, Hewlett Packard, UBS, British Telecom, EDS, Perot Systems, trading as Cyberteam since May 1994. The idea behind the company is to make a real difference by reducing and eliminating the online Cyber Security threats we all experience.

How successful are we so far?

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What we can do for you

Our Cyber Security Services

Security Scanning

Our Cyberteam penetration testing engagements perform 'White Hat' attacks under strict conditions by authorised parties to locate your IT security weaknesses.

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Application Analysis

Our Cyberteam application security testing analysis includes both static and dynamic methods to locate security issues with your IT Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile and Web Apps.

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Cloud Migrations

Our Cyberteam datacentre to Cloud Migrations will move your suitable on-premise IT systems, applications and data into lower overall cost OPEX based cloud infrastructure.

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AWS Cloud Solutions

Our Cyberteam AWS Security Solutions will deliver confidentiality, integrity and availability for all your IT Systems, with enterprise-level security and resilience.

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