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Cyberteam Data Compression Tool

What is the Data Compression Tool application?

The Data Compression Tool desktop application unzips all major zip formats, Windows, PKZIP, and WinZip. You can compress files to zip archives to reduce email attachment sizes, reduce valuable disk storage space and give you complete file management on your Microsoft PC or Server.

The Data Compression Tool has automatic 32 or 64 bit compression, 100+ file encoding formats, to allow you to create traditional zip archives and GUI or CMD SFX extractor files.

What will the Data Compression Tool application do for me?

The Data Compression Tool will:

  • Encrypt and compress your confidential files into zip archives to reduce email attachment sizes.
  • Reduce your valuable disk storage space to give you complete file management on your Microsoft PC or Server.

What does the Data Compression Tool application do?

The Data Compression Tool:

  • Creates 3 type of archive files, traditional zip, SFX GUI and SFX CMD.
  • Automatic 64 bit file archiving settings.
  • 100+ archive file encoding to choose.
  • Bzip and ZIP formats included.
  • Intelligent archive segment sizing based on available storage space.
  • 3 levels of data compression: highest, default and best speed compression.
  • 3 types of data encryption: FIPS Compliant, AES 128 and AES 256.

More information about the Data Compression Tool application?

The Data Compression has been tested on Government configured FIPS enabled PCs and servers to ensure that it meets the the required security standards.

FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards. It's a set of government security standards which define how certain things are used in the government for example, encryption algorithms. FIPS defines certain specific encryption methods that can be used, as well as methods for generating encryption keys. It's published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST.

The FIPS FipsAlgorithmPolicy registry setting in Windows when enabled complies with the US government FIPS 140 standard, it forces the Windows operating system to only use FIPS-validated encryption schemes as provided in the Data Compression Tool and advises other applications to do so, as well.

Microsoft recommends that FIPS is only enabled on government computer infrastructure, not on home or business PCs, unless specifically required to comply with application security standards.

AES 128 and 256 encryption is also included in the Data Compression Tool to encrypt your data. When used with a strong password say 20 characters, AES 256 provides virtually unbreakable data encryption to safeguard your data.

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If you need installation help with the Cyberteam Data Compression Tool, then visit our Remote Software Support page to arrange a 30-minute remote software support slot, so that one of our Technical Support Engineers can assist you.

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