Cyberteam Data Loss Protection Analyser

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Cyberteam Data Loss Protection Analyser

What is the Data Loss Protection Analyser application?

The DLP Data Loss Protection Analyser application will also test your Microsoft server and desktop infrastructure for holes in your data security, to analyse what program files and documents may be downloaded from the Internet using a browser, considerably increasing the risk to your IT infrastructure, becoming infected with malware and viruses from any of your users.

What will the Data Loss Protection Analyser application do for me?

The Data Loss Protection Analyser will:

  • Display test DLP testing results, to give you more information on how secure your IT infrastructure is for data leakage.
  • Help you to improve download and upload security within yout IT infrastructure.

What does the Data Loss Protection Analyser application do?

The DLP Data Loss Protection Analyser a.k.a. Data Loss Prevention Tester analyses your Microsoft server and desktop infrastructure outgoing security position over the internet, to prove what type of confidential documents and data may be leaking from your company without your knowledge, either on purpose by disgruntled employees or by accident through incorrectly configured DLP applications you may have installed, such as .BIN, .CSV. .DAA, .DOC, .DOC, .ISO, .ODS, .ODT, .PDF, .PPTX, .RAR, .RTF, .TXT, XLSX, .XPM, .ZIP files.

One data leak can result in continuous cost and loss of revenue to a company. After making affected customers whole, conducting an internal investigation, repairing any damage to internal systems, and dealing with expected litigation, you can count on external audits, increased regulatory body oversight, and a damaged reputation to stay with the company for a while.

Companies that rely on intellectual property (IP) for sale and use are subject to more long-term and far-reaching costs when leaked. IP is the heart of todays technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and even financial firms, and their most coveted sustainable advantage. When lost, it can have a direct and immediate impact on both the R&D costs associated with the asset, and the revenue estimates for the full lifecycle of the asset.

Without question, a data leak is not a one-time cost. Even after your operations have recovered, effects of the leak could continue to impact your business for a decade or longer. One mistake can have far-reaching consequences, and a serious leak may mean that your business will never recover or at least never return to normal.

More information about the Data Compression Tool application?

The types of files that the Data Loss Protection Analyser will test your IT Infrastructure DLP applications are working correctly to stop them, are those that computer users in your organisation may download as innocent looking files, without knowing the risks they pose to your infrastructure, such as .BAT, .CHM, .CMD, .COM, .DOC, .EXE, .INF, .JAR, .MSI, .PPT, .RAR, .REG, .VBS, .WSF, .XLS, .ZIP files. (N.B. these files are only used for testing purposes with the Data Loss Protection Analyser, they do not contain any data or information).

In the Data Loss Protection Analyser screenshot above, you can see that both the incoming and outgoing web file types are red, this means two things, one that there was no security protection installed in the Enterprise IT Infrastructure we tested to manage the incoming downloads from all of the desktop users, heavily increasing the chances of malware and virus infections.

The second is that any person using a standard out-of-the-box Internet Browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, was able to upload confidential data files to any cloud-based storage solution such as Dropbox, AWS S3, etc without any restrictions. Within you own company, you may have installed DLP software to prevent this serious data leakage, but when did you last test that it's still working?

The Data Loss Protection Analyser can be installed to any Microsoft desktop or server computer in minutes, to allow you to do regular incoming and outgoing DLP testing across your IT infrastructures.

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