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Mobile Security Solutions

Cyberteam Security Services provides security protection solutions for mobile devices, mobile apps, and supporting mobility infrastructure against cyber-attacks, which has emerged as one of the most significant product growth areas in the cybersecurity industry along with cloud and virtualisation, for:

  • Mobile Security Controls – Mobile security controls which focus on devices, apps, systems, and mobile device management.

  • Mobile Security Threats – Security threats to mobility include gaining access to user credentials, cloud access, enterprise access, and locally stored data.

  • Mobile Security Trends – Mobile security solutions will increasingly rely on mobile device management, adaptive security, and behavioural analytics.

The broad ecosystem for enterprise mobile security solutions, includes the following protection considerations:

  • Mobile Device Security – This security control is usually implemented by software resident on the mobile device to provide security protections such as anti-virus and lost-device location. Mobile device security methods generally follow traditional PC anti-virus with signature-based protection, but many modern mobile device solutions introduce more modern behavioural analytics and even machine learning techniques.

  • Mobile App Security – This security control is usually implemented as application-level software on the device or in the cloud to increase confidence in mobile app security. A myriad of different methods exists to try to reduce the risk of mobile apps compromising the integrity or privacy of a user’s data or access. These include both static and run-time controls.

  • Secure Mobile Communications – This security control is usually implemented as hardware or software encryption functionality to increase mobile-to-mobile secure communications. The trend here, as one would expect, is toward fully software-based solutions, which are cheaper to maintain and often much easier to use.

Mobile Security Threats

The real mobile security threats that are likely to emerge and grow in the coming years can be grouped as follows:

  • SMS Trojans – This is the most visible current mobile threat. It is certainly not to be dismissed, but it is also nowhere near the sort of security problems that would prompt a companies security team to take immediate action – which helps to explain why the mobile security marketplace has not taken off to the degree that most experts have come to expect.

  • IoT / Mobile Attack Weapon – This security threat utilises access to the mobile in order to construct a directed or distributed attack weapon (as in IoT botnets). Any device with an operating system and a network connection is a target of being maliciously exploited in this manner.

  • Credential Theft – This security threat utilises the mobile to gain credentialed access to data stored elsewhere. Obviously, if an individual stores data in various cloud services, then the mobile serves as an excellent means for common access to this disparately stored data.

  • Data Access – This security threat utilises the mobile to gain access to data stored on the mobile. Increasingly, users rely on pictures of important documents such as social security cards, bank forms, employment applications, and the like to text images to contact and support centres. In this sense, stored images on the mobile are no longer just pictures of your children.

Please Note

The Mobile Security information shown above is mostly generic and based on best-practice, therefore to get a better understanding on what we can do for your business, all we ask is that you contact us to discuss your cybersecurity needs to protect your mobile security systems and data.
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