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Cyberteam PKI Digital Certificate Tool

What is the PKI Digital Certificate Tool application?

The PKI Digital Certificate Tool is a multipurpose digital certificate utility desktop application that will provide you with FREE 30 day working Microsoft PFX digital certificates, Smart Card digital certificates, SHA256, SHA512, RSA2048 bit key lengths using RSA, DSA or Elliptic Curves algorithms.

The tool helps to ensure the highest level of PKI data security for your digital signatures, for user and application client authentication and data-origin validation, non-repudiation for signers identity validation, and data encipherment to directly encrypt application data.

What will the PKI Digital Certificate Tool application do for me?

With the PKI Digital Certificate Tool you can:

  • Generate Microsoft PFX certificates
  • Generate Smart Card certificates
  • Have custom Subject Names
  • Have multiple Subject Alternative Names
  • Use SHA256, SHA512, RSA2048 bit digital key lengths.
  • Use RSA, DSA and Elliptic Curves algorithms

What does the PKI Digital Certificate Tool Analyser application do?

The PKI Digital Certificate Tool Analyser, you can use it to generate X.509 digital certificates for Smart Cards or PFX files; you can preview certificates or add Key Usage extensions, and can be used to issue self-signed certificates or to sign Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) generated by your web server.

Digital certificates provide the foundation for a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The certificates are electronic credentials, issued by a certification authority (CA), which are usually associated with public and private key pair certificates.

Within a generated digital certificate tool X.509 version 3 digital certificate, the following certificate extensions can exist:

  • The PKI Digital Certificate Tool Key Usage extensions define the security services for which a digital certificate can be used. The options can be used in any combination and can include the following:

    • Key Usage - A CA, user, computer, network device, or service can have more than one digital certificate.

    • Digital Signature - The public key certificate can be used to verify digital signatures. This key is also used for user and application client authentication and data-origin validation.

    • Non-Repudiation - The public key can be used for signers identity validation, which prevents a digital signer from denying that he or she has signed a package.

    • Data Encipherment - The public key can also be used to directly encrypt application data, rather than exchanging a symmetric key for data encryption.

    • Enhanced Key Usage - This extension indicates how a digital certificates public key can be used.

  • The PKI Digital Certificate Tool Enhanced Key Usage extension provides additional information beyond the general purposes defined in the above Key Usage extension, such as OIDs:

    • Client Authentication (
    • Server Authentication (
    • Secure email (

When a digital certificate is presented to an application, an application can require the presence of an Enhanced Key Usage OID specific for that application.

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