Remote Software Support

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Remote Software Support

Cyberteam provides software installation support to our licensed software customers, using the FREE and secure UltraViewer remote support application which can be downloaded by clicking here to visit the UltraViewer website.

How to arrange your remote software support

To arrange your remote software support, all you need is your PayPal purchase transaction number, and a few minutes to review the online support calendar below, to book a 30-minute support call, which is usually enough time to install our security software products to any up-to-date Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 computer.

Select the month, click on any blue date, choose any available 30-minute meeting time slot, click confirm, enter your contact details to reserve your support slot and to receive your support meeting invite.

You can also change the calendar timezone and times, using the calendar down arrow, and selecting the correct one for your geographical location.

How to begin your Remote Software Support

When your remote software support session is about to start, send us the displayed UltraViewer Allow Remote Control Your ID and the one-time generated password by email to contact @, and we will be able to connect to your computer and begin the remote software support session.

How to end your Remote Software Support

When we have finished the software installation, for your security close down the UltraViewer remote support application, and no-one, not even us will be able to access your computer.

Please Note

The remote software support information shown above is mostly generic and based on best-practice, therefore to get a better understanding on the technical support we can do for your business, all we ask is that you contact us, to discuss your needs, to support your IT systems, applications and data. Cyberteam Security Professionals are Microsoft trained and certified Software Engineers.
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